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Wedding Bundle Request Form

          Upon return of this form, a quote contract will be emailed to you which will include an expected timeline and acceptable payment methods. I will be in contact within 24- 48 hours. Your options selected will help me create the best bundle I can to fit within your budget. There is a chance some items may not fit into each budget.

Preferred Method  of Contact

          An example of a bundle that we could create would be a $10 per bundle pen pack. This would include the glass calligraphy pen, a wedding sticker with customizable flowers and colours, and a 5ml vial of ink in a custom colour, packaged with a label on the front with personalized caption/initials.

Items of Interest for the bundle:

*Items are premium and may not fit into every budget

*Please note that I do not draw anything explicit, offensive or under Copyright Restriction, but will work with you to get something you would be happy with.

Thanks for submitting!

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